Privacy and Security

The defining characteristic of the Internet is rapidly becoming that of a giant network of trickery and deceit. Everyone knows the Internet was never designed for privacy and security. Web servers are expected to respond to requests from anyone. Browsers are expected to resolve resources when pointed to any website. This any-to-any architecture is riddled with vulnerabilities. Browsers are sandwiched between the user’s platform and DNS, each facing an onslaught of their own. Some vulnerabilities are not even discoverable. The typical and most expedient response to the discovery of each new vulnerability has been to simply patch over symptoms of an inherently insecure system. This approach results in a steady increase in system complexity which in turn makes vulnerabilities even harder to find. Emergent Web Spaces is the result of a system design approach to solving difficult problems. Only a system design approach can deliver technology to protect your website and other online content, even if a platform and network are already compromised.


Countless agencies and individuals can design your website. Some may even host your website for you. The trouble starts as soon as your website becomes accessible on the Internet. Education, Healthcare and Research sectors have unique requirements for the secure delivery and presentation of online content. These same sectors are facing a rapidly intensifying barrage of sophisticated attacks. If you depend on ordinary websites or social media to deliver online content, it’s like forcing students and staff to walk through dangerous neighborhoods to get to school. Emergent Web Spaces protects both you and your visitors with privacy and security that is inherent in the design. This means that many vulnerabilities plaguing older technology become irrelevant. Protect your research and development investment from attackers. Don’t allow sensitive healthcare records to be stolen or destroyed. Emergent Web Spaces is a powerful new web platform that will keep bad things from happening to you.


It is often thought that performance must be made to suffer on behalf of improved privacy and security. Consider the terrible performance experienced by privacy advocates when using the Tor browser together with a VPN. Threats posed by advances in computing power will likely cause security to take a hit when RSA is replaced. Lower security margins will be deemed acceptable if only to offset poorer performance. Emergent Web Spaces is the result of our system design approach to solving several, difficult problems. Emergent Web Spaces provides information-theoretic security that is easier to understand, more easily proven and easier to implement correctly. At the same time, Emergent Web Spaces improves performance with an object resolver that is 3 to 4 times faster than hardware accelerated AES. Emergent Web Spaces delivers your website or other online content with unmatched privacy and security, even while improving performance.